This is a rapidly evolving situation and the risk assessment may change daily. The latest updates are available on CDC’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) website.

COVID-19 case counts for Sierra Leone are updated regularly online. See the current Sierra Leone case count of COVID-19

Visit the COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment page to learn about how to protect yourself from respiratory illnesses, like COVID-19.

There is information for people who have had close contact with a person confirmed to have, or being evaluated for, COVID-19 available online.

In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the world, CDC now recommends that people wear a cloth face covering protecting their noses and mouths when in public. For Sierra Leone, due to our dense communal existence, we may consider wearing masks even at home. This is an additional public health measure people should take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in addition to (not instead of) social distancing, frequent hand cleaning and other everyday preventive actions. A cloth face covering protects others from minimizing droplets from an infected person and/or micro-droplets that float in the air. This would be especially important in the event that an infected person is asymptomatic (does not have/show symptoms).

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